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Training office

Training office is responsible for general & specialized training in different social sectors involving students, technicians & experts in private & government institutions, industries & departments

Budget office

Office of the budget annually presents to the managerial body the budget plan in the field of improvement of energy management for the optimized use of energy supplies, information technology, research, general administrable & salary, which involves a planned schedule, that translates the performance plans of the organizations with respect to government, ministry of power outlines in budget forms for final decision.

planning, information management and research office


  • Survey National and Regional Development programs and Energy optimization strategies and presenting recommendation.
  • Preparing and Regulating short term to long term programs in Energy optimization section (preparing the road map).
  • Necessary survey to check the match between executive department programs and IEEO policies.
  • Necessary survey to prepare agreements and monitoring their convergence with IEEO policies.
  • Monitoring the programs and routine activities through creating relevant path.
  • Creating necessary infrastructure door identifying and conducting ESCO’s and contractors in Energy management field.
  • Research in strategic planning for electric Energy.
  • Preparing and introducing National strategic document to electric energy management and road map.
  • Collecting and introducing IEEO Research requirements.
  • Introducing Research proposals to solve IEEO problems according to IEEO policies.

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