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The office for studies & efficiency of industrial section

To performance improvement of energy consumption in production processes & different industrial sections in order to research the optimized conditions, is the major focus of this section of the organization.


Major activities:

  • To outline proposals for planning studies in performance improvement of energy consumption.
  • To define & performance projects in the field of determination of index’s & labels of energy consumption.
  • To monitor & measure the energy consumption of industrial section at national level.
  • To establish communication with scientific academic & research communities in order to exchange information and knowledge.
  • To encourage & support operations involving high performance machining & auxiliary equipments related to reduction of energy consumption.

Office of researches & efficiency in domestic, public & other consumptions

Since residential & commercial sectors consume over 40 percent of total energy consumption in country, the necessity of applying energy consumption management for improvement of proficiency & decreasing energy consumption is needed more than past. According to this case since 1997 office of researches & energy efficiency in building sector until now is charged with this duty through employing some experts in the fields of mechanic & electronic engineering.


Main Activities:

  • Transferring technological knowledge in the field of implementing energy verification in buildings.
  • Computing indicators & identifying energy consumption template for all kind of buildings in country
  • Analyzing the use of all kind of energy porters in different parts of a building.
  • measuring & estimating of energy consumption & recognizing the energy wasting resources in buildings.
  • Determining potentials &facilities in energy efficiency in many kinds of building
  • Offering suitable plans & strategies in the field of optimization of energy consumption in buildings
  • Determining a consumption template for home appliances.
  • Determining & editing necessary criteria to improving the quality of materials, construction template & extending energy optimization methods in buildings
  • Cooperating with technical committees.
  • Cooperating with internal or foreign international conferences.
  • Offering technical services, implementing necessary tests.  

National energy conservation laboratory

The laboratory starting from 2000 has the following duties and activities:


  • Investigating the energy consumption in electrical equipments.
  • Introducing energy consumption standards and energy labels.
  • Testing domestic and imported energy consumer equipments to check fulfillment with energy standards.
  • Analyzing and comparing energy consumption of various domestic home appliances.
  • Supporting the practical industrial project introduced as BSS MSC, and PHD thesis.


The national energy laboratory has taken ISO 17025-2000 certificate on 2003 and 2005 and consists the following laboratories:

  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Air conditioner (gas cooler) laboratory
  • Evaporative cooler (water cooler) laboratory
  • Washing machine laboratory
  • Electric water heater laboratory
  • Electric iron laboratory
  • Electric motor laboratory
  • Lamp laboratory
  • Calibration department.
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