Mon, May 21, 2018, 23:22
Historical background of organization

Since last century fossil fuel limitation, high annual energy consumption, Iran's secession of fuel exporters, effects on countries improvement process if there were no necessary plan & foresight of future needs. Lack of technical and economical proficiency of energy consumption & wasting nearly a third of total energy in processes of consumption & also increasing environmental problems caused by it, all makes obvious the need for energy management, increasing the efficiency & energy productivity in our country. In this issue the energy ministry proposal about including clause ­(و)­ enclosed in article (19) of the second development plane rule, can be named as the first key step in declaration of the necessity of energy management in country. Following that, adoption of executive acts related to the plan & approving rules in third, fourth, fifth social & economical plan rule had emphasized the necessity of energy management.

Energy affairs department in the ministry of energy began an extended plan according to the same low with the aim of energy consumption rationalization in all energy sectors in 1996. Office of energy efficiency in department of energy affairs fulfilled necessary plans in all fields which was considered by the low then started related activities. The implementation of part of these activities was assigned to Energy Efficiency Organization after its establishment in 1996. This organization started its activities on following main axis including: training & notification, energy & load & recycling management in industry & country sectors. In Saba's constitution, same cases are considered as main axis for energy consumption management in country as the following:

Developing energy management for efficient & better consumption of energy resources by doing more studies. Research & development, training & execution management, economical & technical supporting & making more capacities especially in private sectors.

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