Mon, May 21, 2018, 23:26

Experiences gained in Iran and in the world, over the past decades, show that economic growth and industrial development as prerequisites for political power, national independence and cultural prosperity requires different factors that comprise energy source and desirable and optimum utilization of its resources.

Although Iran enjoys richest energy resources, wastage and misuse of these, would impose in compensable damages upon annual budget of the country. This expenditure is equivalent to the total budget for country's development and has been estimated to be about 8 billion US dollars annually.

With awareness of the importance of this matter, the government of Islamic republic of Iran, with the second five-year plan of the country's economic, social and cultural development, has turned the move towards optimizing energy utilization and promoting sound use of the country's resources, into a duty for all those in responsible positions.

The deputy minister for energy and electrical affairs, too, within the objectives of this same act and aiming to make the energy utilization rational as well as optimum, began a widespread planning campaign. To carrying out some of these activities the deputy minister has decided for establishment of Iran Energy Efficiency organization (IEEO) (SABA), which began its functions from March 1996.

IEEO is contemplating to energy all her capabilities, in different energy using sectors of the country especially industries, alongside managers and specialists involved, to be able to make use of all possible saving resources, in the direction of increasing national income and general social security and country's development.  


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