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Awareness programs 

Changing the way of energy consumption in all layers of society is the aim of an informing program in energy efficiency organizaction, which is being done by public media for all energy consuming sectors. This program has diverse parts

Energy efficiency program bulletin (Behsaman

This monthly publication is published with the aim of informing the industry managers and experts, of the programs and applied techniques of efficient energy consumption in various sectors.


Technical booklets for energy management

These booklets offer the latest technological achieve-ments of efficiency in various fields and it is attempted to illustrate fine application points for (those) people involved.


Awareness program for youngs

Creating contact with children and youth for passing on message of efficient use of energy is part of the information group program. This project is being carried out via printing books and publications. Sunflower project. Aftabgardan is a newspaper that is published in great numbers. This project began from April 1995.In this project, every day, with news text,stories, pictures and various competitions; efficient energy consumption is taught to children and young people.


 Leaflets and energy efficiency labels

Leaflets and energy efficiency labelsare being published in a few parts of industrial, residential commercial, transportation and  environmental. In every on of the leaflets, general points concerning the above cases; the most important advice for efficiency, and a questionnaire for evaluation of rate of efficient utilization are included. Labels have also been designed and at work


Films for energy management

These films have been prepared as videos, and provide the content of technical energy manage-ment booklets as illustrated pictures, using diverse backgrounds and experiences



One of the effective measures taken to produce contact with different consumers is participating in expositions. IEEO, being aware of this, is trying to provide the latest informa-tion in the optimization field, for experts and professionals. Moreover, these exposition are  suitableopportunities for creating direct contact with people, recognizing their needs and answering their questions


Radio and Television

Public media, especially radio and television can play and important role in teaching and informing people and transferring concept of optimum energy usage, with With this purpose, producing short films and programs of radio and television are part of IEEO’s Informing scheme, Effective cooperation, and expert help to various channels ofradio and television, and also long term planning for incorporating the meaning of rational use of energy in various programs, is another one of IEEO’s tasks 


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