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The 11th International Energy Conference

 About the Conference

Welcome to the official website of the 11th International Energy conference (IEC) to be held on 30-31 May 2016, Tehran-Iran, organized by Iranian National Energy Committee, the member of World Energy Council (WEC


The 11th International Energy Conference which is the greatest event of Iran in the field of energy is aimed to create a forum to reach on specialized and outstanding national and international deliberations, accomplishments and contemporary research activities in energy sector. The 11th International Energy conference (IEC2016) invites all potential experts, academics, researchers and students to participate in the conference and share and discuss their view points with others and interact with distinguished international figures in the energy sectors and governmental authorities. 


We encourage you to read more detailed information about the Conference at this website and register your participation. We look forward to seeing you in Tehran! 

The main topics of this year's Conference are: 

Dynamics in  Energy Finance

Renewable energy

Energy Efficiency

Oil and Gas Projects in Common Fields

Energy Exports

Energy Sector and the Capital Market

Risk management

Energy Exchange

Asset Management

Public- Private Partnership

Dynamic Structures and Institutions

Energy Service Companies

Legal Structures and Contractual Patterns

Knowledge-based Companies

Iran's Energy Industry in Post-Sanctions Period

New World Order and the Geopolitics of Energy

Policymaking and Dynamic Planning

Energy Standards

Dynamics in Energy Technologies

Energy Technologies Market

Smart Grids and Innovative Measurement Systems

Roadmap for the development of new energy technologies

Local-Oriented Information and Energy Industry

Distributed Generations

Cogeneration of Electricity, Heat and Water

Energy Storage

Non-conventional Energy Sources

Localization and Transfer of Energy Technologies

Commercialization of New Energy Technologies

Dynamics in Energy and Environment

Social Costs in Energy Sector

Global Warming and Emission Trading

Environmental Treaties and Conventions

Economic Evaluation of clean Energy

Water Scarcity and Sustainability of Energy Resources

Dynamic Economy and Energy Market

Energy Demand

Global and Regional Energy Markets

Energy Pricing and Energy Subsidy Reform

Energy Marketing and Globalization

International Marketing and Globalization

Productivity Increase and Energy Losses Reduction

Industrial Cluster

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