Mon, May 21, 2018, 23:28
Title of research projects

1-     Feasibility study of integrated electrical motors with emphasis on the

2-      performance improvement of energy expenditure

3-     Analysis of Consumption intensity and Proportion of Energy Expenditures of Iranian Manufacturing Sector in Gross Domestic Production (GDP)

4-     Development and Application of Desiccant for Increasing the Refrigeration Cycle Efficiency (Techno-Economic Research and Manufacture a Pilot)

5-     Study the effects of temperature, pressure and the amount of refrigerant on compression refrigeration cycle efficiency by simulation

6-     Modeling and developing algorithm for energy management system in power distribution network based on FAHAM characterizations

7-     Manufacturing of a Laboratory Scale Coupled Thermoacoustic  (Prime Mover / Refrigeration) System 

8-     Technical and financial investigation on using super-capacitors as the moving storage system for loss minimization using regenerative braking in subway trains

9-     Feasibility study for replacement of conventional compressor based chilling systems with Ammonia absorption systems.

10-  Designing the Algorithm of Outage Management Application System in Smart Distribution Network Concerning FAHAM Project

11-  Study of “heat pipe heat exchangers” use for increasing efficiency in power plants

12-  Preparation of Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes( OLED)



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